Tonight we wanted to stop at Bubblemania on 16th Ave. It was so busy and the parking lot is so bad, especially for someone who owns a big truck.

Their hot chocolate is called the Black Sesame Hot Chocolate which features Ground Black Sesame adds a nuttiness to rich hot chocolate. Topped with a Black Sesame Whipped Cream and Callebaut Dark Chocolate shavings. If Hot Chocolate and Chinese Black Sesame Dessert Soup had a baby, that baby would be this drink. It’s different yet familiar at the same time and more importantly, delicious!

We stopped in to try their interesting hot chocolate. They have a ton of flavours for their bubble teas and when we ordered we really believed that we were going to get a cold hot chocolate. So we were very surprised when we were handed a hot hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate was simple in presentation, but jam packed with flavour. We were so pleased that it was so good. To my daughter it tasted like a ferraro roche, and my wife had another profile but she couldn’t put a name to it.

Overall this hot chocolate was absolutely delicious, it had such amazing flavour.

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