After visiting Light Cellar, we drove through Kensington and tried Hexagon’s hot chocolate.

Their hot chocolate is called the Matcha Koro which is inspired by the lighthearted card game Machi Koro, Hexagon Cafe presents Matcha Koro! In the village of Machi Koro all the residents are filled with dreams that one day their small village will grow into a big city filled with bright lights. However, during the winter season, construction of the city of slows down and the people of Machi Koro sip their world famous hot chocolate Matcha Koro. Matcha Koro is white hot chocolate that is blended with matcha green tea folded together with steam milk. Garnishes include whip cream, fresh mint leaf topped with a raspberry and a green tea macaroon.

This hot chocolate had a very nice presentation, you even hot a whole matcha flavoured macaroon with the purchase of the hot chocolate. We were disappointed that they used a lower quality matcha, so you couldn’t really get the full flavour of the matcha. It was not a sweet hot chocolate despite using white chocolate in the drink. If you left the mint and raspberry in the hot chocolate, nearly half way through you started to taste the flavour.

Overall, we would like to go back and play some of the hundreds of games that they have. Such a cool cafe.

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