We decided to visit Light Cellar since when we tried their submission last year, we found it very good.

Their hot chocolate is called the Black Gold Hot Chocolate which is a hot chocolate loaded with the trending superfood tastes of golden turmeric & activated charcoal! Feed your body the “Black Gold” Hot Chocolate & you will feel exceptionally good!  Crafted with a creamy cacao butter base, dive into this rich, anti-inflammatory turmeric elixir topped with detoxifying activated charcoal chocolate!  Take a leap into this golden rich hot chocolate experience and be renewed, inspired, and activated!

This hot chocolate was very yellow from the tumeric, it had a chalky flavour to it, but it was still very good. It was surprisingly sweet with the flavours it had, it was also very creamy. This was one of the most expensive hot chocolates that we had tried at roughly $7.00.

Overall, this was a very healthy earthy hot chocolate.

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