Has your mouth ever started to water as you got a whiff of a delicious burger? Have you ever become really hungry after seeing the wonderful site of a hamburger? Do you know the feeling of burger juices oozing onto your fingers as you take your first bite? Have you ever gotten excited after hearing of a new burger place you just have to try? Most importantly do you know what an amazing hamburger truly tastes like? If your answer was yes, then Dragon’s Lair is the place you have to visit.

The Interior

Their restaurant is located in Westbrook Mall, unfortunately this is a mall that time has forgotten. This mall is extremely dated, with only a few real stores in it. Dragon’s Lair is located in the food court which is not really big. Seating is very limited, we just happened to go to the mall on Easter weekend and they had a petting zoo in the mall. Which in turn has a hundred-people standing in line with their kids. The food court is full of people who have taken up seats and not eating a thing. Dragon’s Lair was extremely busy. The line was about 10 deep when we got in line and stayed pretty much like that until we left. Nevertheless, Dragon’s Lair is worth the trip.

The Food

We ordered a couple of ¼ lb burgers, with fries and onion rings. I ordered the ½ lb burger and an order of onion rings. Mine was built from a blank canvas, where I added cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, mustard and spicy chipotle mayo. After I got my burger I realized that I should have added bacon, next time I will not forget. The patties were cooked nicely and the burger was kept simple, but full of flavour. The bun was soft and the bun to meat ratio was well balanced with all the fillings, making the burger very easy to eat, before I knew it, it was all gone. As my daughter would say, “sad face”.

First off, I want to say that these burgers were excellent. You have your choice of many vegetables to put on to your burger. They have house made relishes and a huge assortment of sauces to put on your burger as well. They also offered sautéed mushrooms and onions. The only downside, their French fries should be fresh cut.

Dragon’s Lair has been recognized at the Alberta Burger fest with numerous wins. I do plan on going back to try the Dragon’s Lair burger, it is a $21.00 behemoth that I would like to try and take down.


The Drinks

They offer an assortment of fountain drinks, milkshakes and an assortment of bottled beverages. While we were there, I did see lots of people ordering milkshakes.


The Service

This is a mom and pop run place and the service shows. Right from the lady at the till taking the orders to the guys making your burger, everyone was friendly, very helpful and very accommodating.



Its mall parking, what else can I say?


Last words

If I were you, I would go for a drive to Westbrook Mall and have yourself a burger at Dragon’s Lair. Food and service is outstanding. I truly believe this place could support a stand-alone restaurant. I can’t wait until our next visit.






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