There are few things that rival a beautiful, sunny drive through the hills and streets of Evanston in Northwest Calgary. While the area still remains largely unexplored to me, I have had the pleasure of venturing into a lot of side streets in the area. Evanston Towne Centre has numerous shops and now has a new coffee establishment. Vibes Coffee Bar is now open in Evanston. It is great to finally have a coffee shop other than a Timmy’s up there.


The Interior

The interior of Vibes has a very simple décor, the walls are white and the one wall has a long black narrow shelf on it. In the one corner there is a couple of different styled chairs in front of an electric fireplace. All other tables are all the same and have small vases on them with some flowers.


The Drinks

The day we were there we ordered the following drinks, my daughter and myself went with the Sweet Latte. This is a latte made with condensed milk as the sweetener. If you haven’t had one, you should try one. I had one complaint on that day and that was that my drink tasted like it was watered down. My wife had the London Fog it had pretty decent flavor, it wasn’t anything special.  Vibes Coffee Bar is serving Rosso coffee Roasters.


The Food

We didn’t order any food that day but was thrilled to see that they are serving Bagelino’s bagels (check out my review of Bagelino’s). The other baked goods looked really good and according the Vibes website, the baked goods are made by a local Evanston baker named Rita Elias. All the baked goods on display looked very appetizing.


The Service

The service was pretty good, some of the staff are pretty talkative while others are not. We stopped by this past weekend and a few different people in there serving and were very friendly.



Lots of parking at the Evanston Towne Centre.


The Hours

The hours are limited, their sign says they are open until 6pm during the week and on weekends, but one night last week, my son stopped by only to find out they were closed and it was 5pm. Not sure if their limited hours will hurt them. Only time will tell.


Last Words

Albeit I am excited we now have an independent coffee shop up in our area, I do hope that their coffee skills get better. Sorry, but not a fan of watered down latte’s. I think these guys will have some challenges especially with a Timmy’s across the street.

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