We decided to go down to the Core Shopping Centre and try out a new coffee shop called Caffe Trieste. Walking into this cafe it really reminded us of Cafe Artigiano.

Once walking inside, to the right there is coolers full of delectable baked good, water, cold beverages, and puddings. On the left there is a very long bar that extends all the way to the back of the cafe.

There is a lot of different items on the menu that sounded amazing. Choosing a beverage was very difficult. We decided on an Iced Chai Tea, an Iced Vanilla Latte, and a Hot Vanilla Latte. The beverages were delicious, but next time we would definitely try some of the food.

While we were sitting there, sandwiches were walking by and they looked amazing.

For being a mall based cafe, it was very quiet because they had seating away from the mall walking area. It was amazing just to sit there and not feel like you are sitting in a mall.


There was a bunch of photography all over the walls from Paris and Italy it looked like. Really reminded my daughter of her time in Paris.

It is a great mall based cafe, I would definitely go back and try some of their food. 


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