On our last trip to Edmonton we wanted to find a new coffee shop that is very unique. We found it. Driving past you would not think that it is a coffee shop, you would probably think pub with the name Block 1912.

We were so excited when we walked up, we were greeted with a giant door. It was so rustic and amazing. We could not wait to enter.

The Interior

Walking into the coffee shop you would think you were in the past. The wall to your right is all exposed brick and the left has a nook of books. It was amazing. There was not that many people in there when we got there, but as we sat there more and more people started to show up.

The Drinks

After looking at the menu online and then arriving, their menus are different which was kind of sad since there was a drink on the online menu that we wanted to try and they couldn’t make it in store. We eventually decided on Vanilla Lattes and a Hot Chocolate.

The Food

They offered so many different food items including sorbet, pies, cheesecakes, soups, and sandwiches. We decided to not get food, but my daughter seen the Oreo Cheesecake and she had to have a piece. It was so delicious.

The Service

The staff are very friendly and helpful. The baristas we talked to were very knowledgable about their products.

The Hours

They are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to midnight and Sundays and Holidays 10am to Midnight. So there is no reason why you couldn’t go check this place out.



There is only street parking since you are on a busy road in Edmonton. So you will most likely have to pay for some parking.

Last Words

If you find yourself in Edmonton looking for a coffee shop to visit, definitely go and check out Block 1912, you won’t be disappointed.

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