We have been wanting to visit this little bagel shop in downtown Calgary for a while.  Driving down we parked a block away since downtown parking is never that great. 

Turning the corner, we got really excited. It is a small little shop that smells amazing as soon as you walked in. They make all the bagels in house fresh daily. So you know that the food is going to be amazing with the fresh made bagels.

The Interior 

As soon as you walk, the first thing you see is a peg board with pegs full of bagels that were made that day. This place is quite small only seating about 15-20 people. As we were there, most people were grabbing their food and leaving.

The Drinks

After reviewing the menu, we decided on some drinks, my wife got a London Fog, I got a Vanilla Latte, and my daughter got a Hot Chocolate. Everything was delicious. We have seen other coffee shops selling their bagels and we got excited to get our food. 


The Food

It was so cool to choose whatever kind of bagel you wanted for your food. 

For our bagels we got a Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Plain Bagel, and two Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato on an Everything Bagel and on a Cheese Bagel. Everything was so good and so fresh. 


Their Cinnamon Buns looked amazing and we would definitely go back and try one. Once we finished our breakfast we decided to get some bagels to take home. We got 12 bagels, three Everything, three Cheddar, three Cheddar Onion Garlic, and three Jalapeño Cheddar. We also got a couple homemade cream cheeses, Herb and Garlic and Jalapeño and Herbs.

The Service

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Service, all staff members go above and beyond. By the time you tell the person working the till what bagels you want, they have them over to you bagged and ready to go.

The Hours

Their hours are Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm. Please remember they are downtown. It sucks for a guy like me who works nowhere close to downtown. We have been there a couple of times now, and plan to down there on my next week day I book off.


What can a guy say, it’s downtown Calgary. Find a spot and open up your wallet.

Last Words

If you get the chance to go and check this place out you won’t be disappointed.  

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