After driving late into the evening on our way to Vancouver, we stopped in Revelstoke for the night. We woke up fairly early and I needed a coffee, so we headed into the downtown area of Revelstoke. What a fantastic place. Before I could get my coffee, we walked through a little farmers market on Main Street. We are always a sucker for a good farmers market. While we were walking around I also came across a local coffee roaster called Stoke Coffee, so naturally I had to buy some beans. But that’s another story for another day.

Conversations is a locally owned coffee house and restaurant in downtown Revelstoke.


The Interior

When you walk into this café, you instantly feel at home and comfortable, We were very welcomed like we lived there forever. They don’t make you feel like a stranger, that’s for sure. They have lots of artwork on the walls. They support local artists and talent. Exposed brick walls, wrought iron shelving and lots of seating which is very common for most shops. Unfortunately, we didn’t have tons of time, so we couldn’t sit around and enjoy the coffee house. Maybe next time.

While we were there, we met a dog named Yuna, very friendly. This café is definitely laid back and I can see us visiting again our next time through.


The Drinks

We ordered a Vanilla Latte, a salted caramel latte, and a London fog. All the drinks were really good.

They also offered an assortment of teas, Specialty coffees, smoothies, and cold drinks.

Conversations proudly serves Doi Chang Coffee. It is Beyond Fair Trade which means Doi Chang offers beyond Fair Trade premium prices and then partners with the farmers by returning 50% of their profits to the producers in Thailand. How awesome is that.

The Food

When you walk in you smell fresh baked good coming out of the oven. I wished I hadn’t just had breakfast because I would have been all over these treats. All the baked goods looked amazing. They also do soups, sandwiches, wraps, paninis. Everything is made fresh in house.

The Service

The service was outstanding. Both ladies that were working were very friendly and answered all of our questions. I thing that I thought was very cool is when we asked the older lady what the shops Instagram was, she asked what Instagram was. We had a little chuckle.

As we were there lots of locals were coming in and out and seemed to know each other.


The Hours

Hours are Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and Sundays from 8:00am to 4:30pm.



There is lots of street parking but not the day we were there as they were having a Farmers Market in the streets of downtown.


Last Words

If you are cruising the TransCanada Highway near Revelstoke and you are thinking you need a coffee, head downtown and find Conversations Coffee House. You won’t be disappointed.


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