I once said it’s no secret that everyone loves going to old diners. Listen to some tunes and eat some good old fashion diner food. On our way to Vancouver, we decided to stop and check this place out. A co-worker recommended us to visit. First appearance from the road, it looked alright, a few burnt out neon lights. Then you walk in and it is a totally different experience.


The Interior

The inside was truly modeled after an old diner. It looked like they hadn’t done any upgrades since the 50’s. Numerous neon lights on the inside of the diner were burnt out. Overall the whole place looked a little run down and could use some help.

The Drinks

My wife and I split a Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake. Chocolate was the dominate flavor in this milkshake, with just a touch of strawberry flavoring. It came out in the metal cup they mixed it in. I wish it would have been a little thicker, but overall wasn’t too bad.


The Food

We order a couple of bacon cheddar burgers with crinkle fries. We loved the bun, fresh and soft. Great bun-to-burger ratio. I only wish the burger could have been a little thicker. The burger had good flavor. We also ordered a side of gravy, it was very flavorful and thick.

My daughter order a pizza, overall the pizza was very good. She wished they had used a different cheese as it was a little greasy. She did mention the crust was really good.

The Service

The waitress was very friendly and helpful. She did come back a few times and check on things. When we were leaving, we came across an older lady at the till. She wasn’t the friendliest and really didn’t say much.


The Hours

They are open seven days a week, 7:00am to 10:00pm



They have lots of parking for cars and trucks and there is street parking if you are pulling a trailer to driving a big rig.


Last Words

Overall, I am not sad we stopped here, food was pretty good, just wish the place looked better and cleaner. The place was fairly busy, just not sure if they were locals or tourists.

Would I stop again, probably not.

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