We stopped by a little place in Vancouver called Tangram Creamery, it is located on Artubus, just off of Broadway. This is quite the place, not only do they make ice creams and sorbets, they roast coffee as well.

They are extremely creative with their flavors, such as Smokey Cheese Whiskey, Japanese Pumpkin with Rum Raisin and Apple, Black Sesame and Nutella Apricot just to name a few.


The Interior

The venue is compact but they’ve made great use of the space, with a communal table and small bench in the window for people to perch in, as well as, a bench outside.

The interior has some cool vintage pieces in it. The stereo receiver they had sitting in the cabinet was the first stereo I ever bought. I laughed a little as it was like the 80’s again. I really loved the industrial look with all the pipes and wood they used.

Everything seems to be custom made, from the shelves, the portable pour over station, cabinets and even the chair the roaster sits on is custom. The one piece I thought was extremely cool was the water dispenser, it was designed to look like an espresso porta filter. Very cool and creative.

The Drinks

With my ice cream, I decided to go with the Latte and my wife and daughter went with the London Fog.

The girls said this was the very best London Fog they had ever had. The drink even came with a vanilla bean stir stick. This really added something to the overall flavor of the drink and was a very nice touch.

The Latte, I ordered was well balanced, milk was steamed just right and it had a strong punch from the espresso.

Aside from the above, they have Nitro Cold Brew, assorted teas and kombucha.

Tangram Creamery roast their own coffee on site. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see them roasting while we were there. The roaster is front and centre in the store. All of their coffee is roasted in small batches in house and monitored via roasting software to ensure the perfect roast.

The Ice Cream

Let’s talk ice cream and sorbets. The staff who think up the flavor concoctions are amazing or crazy, maybe both. As I mentioned above they have come up with some amazing, creative, and unique flavors.

After seeing what they have come up with I was quite boring going with the Salted Caramel and a second scoop of Rum Raisin. The ones I chose were amazing. Very creamy, rich and very smooth.


My wife went with the Maple Walnut in a waffle cone, which is different for her as she is the one that tries new things all the time.


My daughter chose the Frozen S’mores. It looked like a huge marshmallow on a stick. Once they pulled it out of the freezer, they pulled out the blow torch to brown it up. I was told it was amazing but really big for one person.

Hey if you don’t want a full scoop, they offer half scoops if you would prefer.

When you go there, don’t be bashful in asking to try something. I thought it was pretty cool that they use metal spoons when giving out samples. No waste here. Everything they serve is compostable right down to the wooden spoons. So good for the environment.

Kudos to Tangram!!!!


The Service

The staff at Tangram Creamery are very welcoming, knowledgeable and more importantly enthusiastic about their products. They seemed excited to tell us about new ice cream flavour.

Overall very nice, polite and friendly.


The Hours

Monday to Sunday they are open 9:30am to 10:30pm.



I wish I could have found some free parking, but I didn’t. There’s lots of meter parking around the area though.


Last Words

If you are a lover of ice cream and of course coffee give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. I would like to go back and try one of their many unique flavors, taking a step out of my comfort zone.

Hit this place up if you haven’t already.


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