It amazes me how many coffee shops fall short on the day to day stuff such as the quality of their beans, the skills of their baristas or just the lack of overall atmosphere. In traveling through different towns and cities, I aim to try out as many different shops as I can, and in my experience there are approximately 2 or 3 coffeehouses that are just ok for every great one you find.

But when you find a great one, it is so refreshing. Our Town is one of those great shops I have found in Vancouver.

The shop is located at 255 E. Broadway (at Kingsway).


The Interior

The interior of Our Town is very modern and spacious. Lots of huge windows, which is great for people watching. Lots of seating and yet lots of open space for moving around while you wait for your coffee. The place was immaculate.

At one point in time, I saw Drew the barista out fluffing pillows for the next guests to arrive. Rearranging bags of coffee beans on the shelves to make the display look better. Drew definitely has an eye for detail and takes pride in where he works.

The Drinks

Before I ordered I was thrilled to see that they used multiple roasters, such as Timbertrain, Cuppa Joe Roasters, and Modus Roasters. It is always exciting when you have a choice, I only wish more shops would do this instead of sticking with just one roaster.

The day we were there, we ordered the Vanilla Latte, a Chai Tea Latte and a Spanish Latte.

The drinks were all delicious, and I just wanted to say the Spanish Latte was the very best I had ever had. Steamed milk was very smooth and heated to the right temperature. I went with the Timbertrain espresso, which is a custom blend for Our Town and was an excellent choice if I do say so.

The Food

First off, everything at Our Town is made in house and made from scratch. Everything looked terrific and that made it tough to make a decision on what we wanted to try.

My daughter went with the Breakfast Wrap, which contained eggs and bacon and came with an apple and grape Crème Fraiche salad. Very good.

My wife and I couldn’t decide on a muffin so we ordered 3 of them. We ordered a Maple Pecan Cranberry muffin, a vegan Carrot Muffin, and a Blueberry Lemon Muffin. All the muffins were delicious and moist.

The Service

The service at Our Town was outstanding. The people working that morning were very welcoming, friendly, and were very patient with us as we couldn’t make up our minds.

One thing I really wanted to mention about our visit was a gentlemen named Drew. That’s him behind the bar.

This guy was amazing, he was extremely talented and dedicated to his craft. He took his time with every beverage being made. He was meticulous. I appreciate a perfect crafted drink. On one drink that he was pouring into a paper cup, I watched as he made it. He continually turned the cup as he poured. I had never, and I mean never, seen such care go into a drink. I sure hope all of their baristas are this caring.

The Hours

Monday-Thursday:   7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday:                         7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday:                     8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday & Holidays:   8:00 AM to 8:00 PM


There’s lots of meter parking around the area though. We were there very early so had no problem getting a spot on the street about a block away.

Last Words

Shops like Our Town, that pair great coffee with beautiful aesthetics are still a rarity in coffee world. Definitely you need to stop by Our Town, whether on your way to work or if you find yourself in Vancouver looking for a refreshing caffeinated beverage. Stop by and check this place out.

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