Searching for great coffee is something I really like to do. Kind of like Indiana Jones risking his life to unearth hard to find artifacts. Finding great coffee is the same, hard to find, and while much of my social circle doesn’t share my passion, I do have my family with me on most of my outings.

We decided to make a stop in Salmon Arm on our way home. I had read that Shuswap Pie Company is a really great pie shop. It’s hard to imagine a pie shop without a coffee presence in the shop. I personally love having a caffeinated beverage with my dessert. Shuswap Pie Company does both, pies and coffee.


The Interior

I really thought the place would be a nice cozy place to come for a piece of pie and some beverages, but the day we were there it was extremely busy and very loud (which is a great problem to have if you are the owners). It’s always nice to see an independent local businesses thrive.

The only thing I found that because it was so busy, things were cluttered and in disarray. It was hard to know where we had to be to collect our drinks and treats.

The Drinks

Since it was a hot day we all went with cold drinks. I ordered an Iced Vanilla Latte, my wife had the Homemade Iced Tea and my daughter went with the Raspberry Italian Soda.

My iced vanilla latte was not good at all. It was very bitter, even an extra shot of vanilla couldn’t fix the drink. The homemade iced tea was just that, no sweetener, just brewed tea. The Italian soda was pretty good, no real complaints there.



The Food

Have you ever been told, you got to go here and check this place out? If you are reading my reviews, you hear this from me on occasion, and sometimes when you hear this, things really aren’t as good as somebody said.

That is not the case here, the pies were pretty darn good, pie crusts were flaky, and the fillings all were really good. So if you are looking for something to eat it’s definitely the place to go, and the long line ups out the door should say something about the quality of this place.

We ordered a piece of Pecan Pie, a piece of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and lastly my wife’s favourite, a piece of Pumpkin Pie.


The Service

Shuswap Pie Company, has no problem getting you in the door and taking your order, it’s after where I see they had the problem. We placed our to-go order, then after about 5-6 minutes we received our food, then we waiting about another 10 minutes before we received our drinks.


The Hours

Monday to Friday:       7:30am to 5:30pm

Saturday:                       8:30am to 4:00pm

Sunday:                         Closed



Parking in downtown Salmon Arm sucks, they have street parking, very narrow roads and it seems like nobody knew how to park there even though they had lines marking out the spots.

Last Words

I would say this is a must stop place if you are driving by Salmon Arm, BC for the food but would not stop for the coffee.




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