Next stop on our journey home is a quick stop in Merrit, BC. I found this place while searching for coffee shops. What intrigued me was a coffee shop that serves bannock. I remembered eating a bunch of this when I was a kid. My grandmother was indigenous and made this all the time. I also loved the café’s slogan “Don’t Panic we have Bannock”.

[ Kekuli (ke – koo – lee): a dwelling built into the ground, built with logs, tule, dirt and grass. English version means pithouse. ]


The Interior

As soon as you walk into Kekuli Café, you feel comfortable and welcome nobody is staring at you like you don’t belong. As you sit there for a while, you see that it is a very popular place with the locals.

There is lots of tables and chairs if you choose to sit at them or if you prefer, they have some more comfy chairs grouped together. There was indigenous music playing inside the shop, or as owners like to call it light pow wow music.

They also had an area where they were they are selling aboriginal art, jewellery, and they were also selling Spirit Bear Coffee Company coffee.

The Drinks

We ordered a couple of Saskatoon Tea Lattes and a Maple Latte.

My daughter and my wife both said the Saskatoon Tea Lattes were to die for, absolutely amazing flavors. Outstanding!

The Maple Latte was really good, as I mentioned above, the serve Spirit Bear Coffee Company. The espresso had great flavor, and the maple in the drink was not over powering or too sweet.


The Food

To start with, don’t ask for a donut here, they have bannock. They have maple glazed bannock, bannock berry scones and trust me I could go one forever. They don’t have Timbits either but they do have Bannock Bitz, which is similar but better, because its bannock. We picked up some for the road.

We also grabbed a breakfast sandwich while we were there, and guess what?? They were on bannock too. The bannock here is soft, slightly sweet, and just the right kind of chewiness on the outside.

We had a Bannock and Egg, a Smoked Turkey Breast Breakfast Sandwich and a Smoked Bacon Breakfast Sandwich. All had terrific flavour and were very enjoyable as well as filling.


The Service

The ladies working there were fantastic and friendly. The experience for us was excellent.

Giving Back

It was great to read that Kekuli Café gives back to the community by supporting youth who are the future leaders, and they also support elders who have worked hard all their lives.

They also work hard at making sure they are doing their part with taking care of the environment, using compostable cups, and sleeves. Lastly, they give all their empty pop cans and bottles to the SPCA.

More places should do this.


The Hours

Monday to Friday:      8:30am to 5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday:   8:30am to 5:00pm

Holidays:                      8:00am to 2:00pm



There is a parking lot on the side of the building.

Last Words

If you are looking for something out of the norm, “You Gotta Eat Here”. I am not just stealing John Catucci’s catch phrase as he actually did a show on this place.

Go check this place out, I wouldn’t steer you wrong, you will really enjoy Kekuli Cafe.





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