While air travel doesn’t wear me out, there is no suppressing my child-like, adventurous anticipation when travelling to another city. As soon as I got off the plane and picked up my car I had to make a beeline for a morning beverage. Thus, upon touching down in Vancouver on Thursday morning I set my GSP to a little place called Their There. It is located at 2042 W 4 Ave, Vancouver which is quite a busy area.

The Interior

I really liked the interior of Their There. Lots of architectural details with clean lines, huge arches, lots of wood and tile. It was very clean looking. The space is divided into a couple of areas, with the counter and bar at the back of the shop. All the seating is at the front by the large windows.

They had some very unique seating made out of milk crates. Yes, cool to look at but not the most comfortable. They also had some cube seating that were tiled, again not to comfortable. Not a very big place with very little seating, very tight quarters, but a very busy place.

In the middle of the café there is a fireplace with a pair of high top Nike basketball shoes hanging on it. Not sure the significance of them, cool none the same. Maybe a conversational starter.

Overall, I found the place very relaxing, good music playing in the background and not too loud, so you could still talk to somebody.

The Drinks

So after my flight I needed to get caffeinated, stat, so I ordered a Latte and a small drip coffee.

The Latte – $4.50. Heart Roasters was there current roaster they were featuring. Heart roasters are out of Portland, Oregon.

The espresso was an Ethiopian blend, which had great flavour and was a just a little sweet. The milk was heated to the right temp and overall the drink was very smooth.

The Drip Coffee – $2.60. The drip for me was just ok. I felt that it was a little bitter.

Their There is also licensed.

The Food

Croissant – $3.00. The croissant was very flaky and had nice flavour. The other baked goods all looked very appetizing and were reasonable priced.

Breakfast sandwiches are very popular, I thought they were expensive. The average price was $7 – $9 each.


The Service

Everyone I dealt with were very friendly and helpful. I received my drip coffee and the croissant right away and by the time I sat down, they called my name to come and pick up my latte.

The Hours

Monday to Friday:       8:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday:   9:00am to 4:00pm

Considering this is a very trendy area, I am shocked the café isn’t open later.


Street parking is available, good luck finding it, but there is some.

Last words

After polishing off my beverages, overall I was pleased with this visit. I headed out to find my next shop to check out. Go check out Their There for a great caffeinated beverage.

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