While most coffeehouses reside in heavily-populated areas of a city, occasionally there exists outstanding coffee a little off the beaten path. I found myself in one such situation as I was driving through Vancouver last week. Moving Coffee/Fife Bakery is located at East 3Ave in Vancouver.


The Interior

The interior of Moving Coffee is quite small, if you need to change your mind about your order, you may need to head outside to do so, especially if there are a few people inside already. There is only 5 stools at the window table as you can see in the picture. Most people coming in while I was there, grab and go. The stools were not comfortable at all. This may be to deter squatters. Ha Ha

They have a bench outside if you chose to stay, enjoy your beverage, and baked goods.

I would have to assume that the coffee business was an afterthought as the bakery equipment takes up most of the space up front. The two do go hand in hand.

They have a small shelving unit were they sell there beans and other goods, such as olive oil and Vancouver Island Salt. They also sell these single cup Ready2go pour over coffee pouches. A very cool idea. I had to buy a few to try out.

The Drinks

I really liked these guys menu. There was a black section which was for black coffee, a white section, which means milk is added and if you want oat milk, open your wallet a little wider, they charge a dollar more for this. Lastly, they have an iced section for cold drinks. You could also chose what type of bean you would like for your coffee, but keep in mind there was an up charge for some of them.

Latte – $4.75 – I ordered a 10 oz latte. The espresso was their Phantom espresso blend – Guatemala (washed process) overall the drink was very smooth in texture and taste.

Moving Coffee is also a roaster. The equipment was out back. Their beans are sold in 1/2 bags, and were priced between $18.00 and $23.00 which I thought was quite expensive for a local roaster. The last time I paid that for ½ lb of beans is when I bought some from overseas.

I did purchase 3 individual pour over pouches, something new. Prices ranged from $3.75 to $4.25 each. Can’t wait to try them.


The Food

Sausage roll – $5.75. I thought this was a bit expensive as well, because these are normally around the $2- $3 range at max. It did taste really good, lots of flavour, but could have been warmer.

Salted chocolate cookie – $2.50 each, cookie was outstanding, nice and soft, with just a hint of salt, and the chocolate had nice flavouring.

The loaves of bread were moving out of here pretty quickly while I was there, everything looked very good.

The Service

Service was really good, the guy helping me offered some suggestions on drink selection. Everything was served up pretty quickly.

The Hours

The last time we were here we tried to check this place out but they were closed on Monday’s.

Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Sunday: 11:00am to 5:00pm (coffee only) no baked goods


Last words

Quite satisfied with my drink and delighted with the welcoming, nature of the barista. I hung out for a while longer, enjoying my day before I had to head up to UBC and see my son prior to his soccer game.

So, if you are anywhere near this fine establishment. I would absolutely make a detour there to have a sample of their wares.




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