Needing a coffee stop on my way out on Saturday morning, I checked my coffee list for nearby coffeehouses and an intriguing place called Caffe La Tana showed up. I had not heard much of them except that they had just recently opened in October.

They are located at 635 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.


The Interior

First off, this is a very small place, but has huge old world charm, with its black-and-white checkerboard floor, earthy wallpaper, and a soft green colour scheme, as well as marble counters. I loved the fact that there was a guy there making fresh pasta by hand right in front of you. A well decorated shop goes a long way.

The whole shop only seats about 20 people. There is a small grocery store inside, selling such item as olive oils, tomato sauces, dried noodles and, of course, fresh pasta.

The Drinks

Unfortunately we had to get our drinks to go as the place was very busy and full. Café La Tana uses JJ Bean who does a custom blend just for them.

We ordered the following:

Americano – $3.50

Latte – $4.25

Both drinks were strong but very smooth to drink.

They also had fresh squeezed juice for sale. – $6.50 per bottle


The Food

The café offers a breakfast and lunch menu featuring pastries and assorted pasta dishes. I ordered the following:

Sfogliatella – $4.50, filled with ricotta, citrus and cinnamon, was very flaky and had terrific flavour. I would order this again if I was there again.

The also had an assortment baked goods including loaves of assorted breads. All looked delicious.

The Service

No issues to report, all the staff that we dealt with that day were excellent, and extremely friendly and knowledgeable.


The Hours

They are open daily 8:00am to 6:00pm.



There was minimal street parking around the shop.


Last Words

To put it bluntly, Caffé La Tana made for an excellent stop even for a to go cup of coffee, I would really like to go back and try some of their other food. . Not only was the coffee tasty but I was also able to spend some more quality time with my son. So if you find yourself on Commercial Drive in Vancouver stop by and check Caffé La Tana out.

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