I never grow tired of discovering new coffee shops in Vancouver. It’s the one city that regardless of how often we visit, there’s always a new or rejuvenated shop to hit. It’s a never-ending coffee adventure.

On a rainy seasonal Friday morning, I got up quite early, took my early morning stroll to where I have to park on campus which is about 10 minutes away from my son’s apartment. I figured it was time to get some much needed coffee.

As I strolled West Broadway, I ended my brief journey at a little cafe called Olive + Ruby. The café is located at 2839 West Broadway in Vancouver.


The interior

Albeit not the biggest place, it is laid out very well with an entire wall of plants hanging down from the ceiling, and a huge painted feature wall on the other side of the shop.

The shop itself is very bright with lots of lighting and huge windows up front, where you can sit in 2 hanging wicker chairs, very cool. There is also lots of seating at the natural wood tables and one large communal table in the middle of the place that seats about 10 people.

On a nicer day they have a few tables to sit outside and take in the sights and sounds of West Broadway.

The Drinks

Caramel latte -$5.75. I ordered the large Caramel Latte which was a pretty big drink, the the young lady serving me said, “Just so you know that there is 4 shots in it”, I responded with “that’s ok by me”. I thought the pricing was pretty good. The drink was very smooth, with a slight cocoa flavour mixed with the caramel. Overall the drink was very smooth and was well balanced considering there was 4 shots in it. I enjoyed this drink to the very last drop.

Their roaster of choice is Pallet Coffee Roasters – They were serving the Benchmark blend, a Brazilian/Colombian espresso blend.

They also had a few other options on the menu with house made almond milk, a vegan caramel syrup, cardamom/vanilla syrup and oat milk. All the above were an extra cost.

They also had an assortment of kombucha from Hoochy Booch and assorted juices from Sexy Juice.

The Food

Breakfast croissant- $10.75 – Fried egg, white cheddar cheese, micro greens, sliced tomatoes, creamy Dijon on a croissant. This sandwich was terrific. Great flavours and I definitely enjoyed the creamy Dijon sauce on this sandwich, even though it was expensive, it was delicious.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl – $11.00 When I was getting ready to leave I ordered my son the Tropical Bliss Smoothie bowl. This thing was loaded with banana, pineapple, mango, orange, chia seeds, coconut flakes and coconut water.  My son told me the flavours were outstanding, It must have been good as he inhaled this bowl.

Lots of vegan options, all baked goods looked very good. They strive to make everything in house with real ingredients

The Service

The young lady I interacted with was very friendly. She was always doing something and was always smiling. Customer service was amazing.

The Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am to 6:00pm


Last Words

I was quite pleased with my experience at Olive + Ruby, I was now caffeinated up and ready to go, delivered my son his smoothie bowl, and once he finished, we ran some errands we needed to get down while I was visiting.

Olive + Ruby is a little coffee oasis on West Broadway, make sure you stop by for a great beverage and a nice relaxing visit.


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