Back by popular demand- our S’mores Hot Chocolate! We’ve refined our recipe to include velvety Valrhona dark chocolate with a graham cracker crumb rim and house made iceberg- we mean marshmallow! This campfire classic take on a hot chocolate will definitely leave you wanting s’more.

This hot chocolate is $7.00 and has one of the biggest marshmallows we have seen so far. This is a very pretty drink and it tasted really good, but we didn’t get the s’more flavour. The chocolate used is homemade by the Alforno bakers and a homemade marshmallow. It was very delicious.


Hot Chocolate Affogato & Cointreau. Orange you glad this isn’t some boring hot chocolate? Our velvety hot chocolate is infused with cointreau liqueur, poured over dark chocolate and vanilla bean soft serve and topped with homemade almond orange biscotti.

This hot chocolate is $11.00 and had one of the best biscotti I’ve had in a while. This is a very delicious cold hot chocolate, made with Alforno’s homemade soft serve ice cream. It has 1 oz of one of my favourite alcohols Cointreau. This hot chocolate is very delicious and even though it is cold, it is absolutely amazing.

We also tried their Cinnamon Bun ($5.00), Tiramisu Cup ($6.00), and a slice of Pistachio Plum Mousse Cake ($5.00). Everything was absolutely amazing, the flavours were delicious.

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