When a delicious hot chocolate gets into a relationship with a dessert, you know you are in for a real treat. This smooth dark hot chocolate is created from cocoa beans located on the Sambirano River’s plains in Madagascar & gently mixed with Alberta organic milk. The final touches are the homemade raspberry whipped cream placed on top and a handmade marshmallow sphere with a surprise inside: it is filled with raspberry coulis! Bon appetite!

This hot chocolate is $9.00 and it was disappointing unfortunately.  It was a very chocolatee flavoured hot chocolate, with the whip on top raspberry flavoured. The marshmallow was filled with raspberry coulee which was more like raspberry jam. The hot chocolate itself was very thick, it was like drinking thick liquid chocolate, it was way too thick for us. The raspberry whip was tart, which is fine, but again too heavy for whip. The mix of the chocolate and whip was an odd flavour profile, we felt it didn’t blend for a pleasing flavour on the tongue.

We didn’t like this hot chocolate at all, it was way too thick to even enjoy.

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