Our signature hot cocoa with a shot of espresso and topped with a dollop of whipping cream. Finished with house-made honeycomb pieces and a sprinke of fleur de sel.

This hot chocolate can be made in three sizes, small for $5.75, medium for $6.50, and large for $7.00. The barista making the drinks was very flexible when making them. We got them the way they sell them, but another family came in and got the drink without the espresso shot for their kids. The honeycomb was very delicious, it tasted like what the inside of a Crunchy tastes like. We could slightly taste cinnamon and we believe that the espresso really made the cinnamon less pronounced. The lady that had the one without the espresso said that you could really taste the cinnamon.

We found this hot chocolate just okay, it was just not to the level we expected. It was a little disappointing.

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