Hot Chocolate + Honey, they were meant to bee 🐝 Looking for a fresh take on a classic hot chocolate? Look no further! At Cucina, we’ve paired our delicious dairy free chocolate with our rooftop honey to create the perfect cup of cocoa. How do we make YYC Hot Chocolate Fest even tastier? We include a delectable secret family recipe honey cookie! Enjoy our creation while you can!!

This hot chocolate is $5.20 and it had really good flavour. Unfortunately, we had to get the drinks to go since they were getting ready for the lunch rush. It seemed like we were an inconvenience to them and really felt like we were not welcome. The hot chocolate was not anything fancy.  It was sweetened with their rooftop honey which is super cool. The saving grace of this experience was the honey cookie, it was a really good cookie.

Unfortunately we will not be visiting this location again in the future after the experience we received here today.

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