Being inside a health complex, this year we’ve partnered with Christina Mintenko of HoF chocolate to create this protein rich cocoa to relieve joint pain and improve skin health. This protein packed Collagen Hot Chocolate is a deliciously thick, creamy, healthy hot chocolate. To learn more about the benefits of collagen visit:

This hot chocolate is $5.00 and is very healthy. The collagen protein is the same that is in the human body and this hot chocolate boosts the protein. This hot chocolate is very creamy and very chocolatey, it didn’t have any weird tastes, it tasted like a normal hot chocolate.

This new location is located in a medical billing and it is completely worth the drive. Unfortunately you have to pay for parking and she is only open Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm.

It was also exciting to hear the owner, Jessica, created the drink.

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