February is the month of love. Our Cherry Kiss is here to bring the city together! Sharing what we love about local ingredients & giving inspiration for delicious homemade goodies. Want to kick it up a notch? Ask for the Cherry Almond Kiss, doctored up with an ounce of Amaretto.

This hot chocolate can be made with alcohol for $9.00 or without alcohol for $6.00. Both beverages look identical and are equally delicious. Unfortunately when we got there they had run out of the Amaretto so they gave use a choice of alcohol to add, we selected Frangelico which is a nutty liqueur. This hot chocolate has homemade cherry syrup and homemade marshmallows with candied dusting around the mug. This drink is topped with brandy flavoured cherries. These drinks were so delicious.

We do wish that we could taste the cherry a little more in the beverages.

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