Rich dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter become one in our Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, leaving your taste buds hot, bothered and ready for more. Whipped cream and mini Reese cups to top if off, we’re sure you’ll have sweet, sweet dreams for days to follow.

This hot chocolate is $5.50, comes in two sizes and two kinds. The large is $6.00, there is also an option to add a shot of espresso and that is $6.00 for medium and $6.25 for a large. The hot chocolate is made with dark chocolate and peanut butter. The peanut butter flavour is very subtle throughout the whole drink and I believe it is better that way so it isn’t too strong.

I was slightly disappointed that they used canned whip cream instead of fresh. Overall this is one of the best peanut butter hot chocolates that I have had.

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