Spice up your life! This subtly spicy hot chocolate is a tasty twist on the classic. Made with decadent chocolate and topped with cinnamon & cayenne, this cup of cocoa will have you finding many ways to add a little spice to your life.

This hot chocolate is $5.95 and has a very subtle spice to the beverage. It is a very delicious drink that tastes really good, we were worried that the spice was going to be overwhelming but the flavour was amazing. Near the bottom of the drink you really could taste the spice.


Sweet as Honey Bourbon – Because we think bourbon should be added to everything! The velvety feel of hot chocolate and Evan William’s Honey Reserve is unlike any other.

This hot chocolate is $10.50 and it had real Chantilly whip cream. The house made honey flavoured caramel was a really delicious touch to the drink. The addition to the honey bourbon was absolutely amazing.

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