This hot chocolate sensation features warming spices and refreshing orange zest enrobed in rich chocolate sourced from small woman-run cacao farms from Calgary’s own chocolatier, Kin + Pod. These flavours are reminiscent of mulled wine concoctions of the Victorian era known as “ecclesiasticals,” a series of cocktails named after various orders within the Catholic church. Come enjoy this dance with your senses sans the port wine and church bureaucracy. Elegantly served in bone china tea cups in the stained-glass sanctuary of Knox United Church (take away also available). Can be made with almond or soy milk.

This hot chocolate is $5.00 and is located in the coolest location ever, Knox United Church. This hot chocolate tastes like Mulled Wine, it comes with a cinnamon stick and a orange slice. When we walked in we asked the lady where the coffee shop was and she said it was at the back of the church. It was Sunday and we were able to listen to a little of the 10:30 service. It was a really cool experience.

If you find yourself downtown and would like to experience something amazing, stop at Knox United Church and have a coffee at Sanctuary.

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