This month was a complete success we tried 39 different hot chocolates from 37 different locations and spending roughly $300 with the average hot chocolate costing seven dollars.

We tried way more than last year, we also found it really difficult to find the more creative hot chocolates this year. We felt that there was more simplistic hot chocolates this year than in years past.

Again I asked my wife and daughter to rate their top five hot chocolates. They found it difficult so they wanted to do two categories; Simplistic and Creative. So here are their lists.

My daughter’s list of Creatives:

  1. Vendome – Sweet as Honey Bourbon 
  2. Bike and Brew – PeaBee Hot Chocolate
  3. Totalitea – Chocolate Fog
  4. Alforno – Hot Chocolate Affogato & Cointreau Orange
  5. Cravings – Buttered Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Delight

My daughter’s list of Simplistic’s:

  1. Sought and Found – Real Chocolate x Milk
  2. Milano Roasters – Cionccolata Calda
  3. Kaffeeklatsch – Collagen Hot Chocolate

My wife’s list of Creatives:

  1. Totalitea – Chocolate Fog
  2. Black Sheep – You’ve been hit by a Smooth Tropical
  3. Sanctuary – Victorian Hot Chocolate
  4. Good Mood Brewery – Malted Milk Hot Chocolate
  5. Community Natural Foods – Rocky Mountain Reishi Hot Chocolate

My wife’s list of Simplistic’s:

  1. Milano Roasters – Cionccolata Calda
  2. Kaffeeklatch – Collagen Hot Chocolate

My wife’s list of Liquored:

  1. Vendome – Sweet as Honey Bourbon
  2. AlfornoHot Chocolate Affogato & Cointreau Orange
  3. The Block Kitchen & Lounge – Cherry Kiss

This year we also wanted to add a map of all the locations we visited so you can see the wide area of all the hot chocolates we tasted.

Overall one thing we all could agree on this year was that there was some outstanding hot chocolates and some very disappointing hot chocolates this year. The ones that were outstanding really stood out against the rest, whereas the ones that were disappointing really were not good due to aspects of the hot chocolate that failed. Whether it was their flavour, their whip, their garnishes, or their overall beverage.

We were very pleased to be apart of this years YYC Hot Chocolate Fest with a portion of proceeds going to Meals on Wheels, and we were so happy that we were able to visit as many locations as we could.

Hope you all had a very chocolatey February!

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