On Valentines Day we decided to head out to Airdrie and try Abe’s Modern Diner. From the outside it looks a lot bigger and if you are going to visit keep your eyes open because if you drive by you might miss it. After this visit, I am sure that we will be visiting again.

The Interior

The interior was very bright and very open. You can see the kitchen from every table in the location. There is eight tables that seat roughly 30 people and then there is a bar top that can sit eight people as well. On the outside wall there is benches all along with faux fur blankets to make the bench a little more comfy. I have always loved when I can watch my food be made. Where ever you sit in the location when the door opens you feel a slight cool breeze from the outside.

The Drinks

My daughter ordered a S’more Milkshake for $5.00 and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely could taste all the ingredients of a s’more.

My wife ordered a Pineapple Mimosa for $6.00 and it was in a large mason jar. It was delicious, she has never had a pineapple mimosa before and she said she would order it again.

They have multiple different drinks on the menu to satisfy anyone’s thirst.

The Food

To start we ordered the deep fried pickles for $8.50 and they were so good, the breading had the best flavouring and stayed attached to the pickles. The chipotle dip that comes with the pickles was really good flavour.

I ordered The Big Lion for $17.00 and was pleased to know that all the burgers are hand made patties. The burger was very light and had great flavour.

My wife ordered The Classic for $14.00 and was pleased to know that there was all fresh vegetables on the burger. They really brought the flavour to another level.

My daughter ordered The Mudhead for $15.00 and it is literally a burger smothered in gravy and mushrooms. If you order this burger you have to eat it with a fork and knife because if you were to pick it up, it would be a complete mess.

We also had a side of onion rings and they had the best seasoning salt breading. The onions didn’t fall out of the breading like some places. They were delicious. They also came with the chipotle dip and the serving was way bigger than we thought as well.

The Service

The service was great, we were one of the few people in the location. The staff was amazing, the chef came out and talked with us and answered some of the questions about the food we asked. The service is quick and the food was really hot. Always a bonus.

The Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


There is parking right out front as well as around the strip mall.

Last Words

After the amazing service and outstanding food we had, we will definitely be heading back out to Airdrie to visit Abe’s Modern Diner again in the future. We were surprised with the portion sizes and know that if you visit you will not leave hungry.

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