As a part of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest we decided to try this new place. There are two sides to the restaurant, a lounge and a kid friendly side. We decided to sit on the Lounge side since it was not as busy, our waitress told us of the specials and waited for our order.

The Interior

Since we sat on the lounge side, there was multiple televisions with multiple sports playing, since there was a soccer game we asked for them to change the channel. They found it, but they did not have the channel so they purchased it for us to enjoy the game. We have never been to restaurant that has done that for us before. On the lounge side there are four nine high tables and five booths with seating at the bar.

The Drinks

We enjoyed the YYC Hot Chocolate can be made with alcohol for $9.00 or without alcohol for $6.00. Both beverages look identical and are equally delicious. Unfortunately when we got there they had run out of the Amaretto so they gave use a choice of alcohol to add, we selected Frangelico which is a nutty liqueur. This hot chocolate has homemade cherry syrup and homemade marshmallows with candied dusting around the mug. This drink is topped with brandy flavoured cherries. These drinks were so delicious.

We do wish that we could taste the cherry a little more in the beverages.


The Food

After reading over the menu a couple times we decided on what we would like to have for lunch. We were constantly looking at the food coming out of the kitchen because everything looked delicious and we were excited to try some of their food.

I ordered The Block Burger for $17.00 and it was delicious. It comes with white cheddar and sautéed onions, a really thick tomato and lettuce. The fries had a salt and pepper combination spice which was nicely seasoned.The fries were fresh cut which is always an added bonus.

My wife and daughter ordered The Block Benny for $15.00 with back bacon. There is two options for what it can come with, back bacon or a grilled tomato with avocado. The hollandaise was butter based and was really good, the eggs were cooked perfectly.

The Service

The service was great, the waitress was very nice and at the time we only seen all women working which we thought was really cool. We also noticed that one of the owners had come in and was eating, he paid for his food, which we thought was awesome because some owners come in and don’t pay. The place had a great vibe and the music was nice and chill.


The Hours

Monday to Wednesday: 8:30 am – 11 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am – 12 am

Friday to Saturday: 8:30 am – 1 am

Sunday: 8:30 am – 10 pm



There is parking right out front as well as around the strip mall.


Last Words

After the amazing service and outstanding food we had, we will definitely be heading back to try their other menu items in the future. If you want a great place for some food, stop in at The Block Kitchen and Lounge.

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