Hey guys, it’s me, Extreme Coffee Freaks daughter. Me and Mom got the opportunity to go for a tea tasting at Sought x Found. We learned the traditional way of making matcha. It is a simple, straight forward, ceremonial way of making matcha.

We learned about the history and how matcha is made. The matcha we were about to taste was part of the only harvest of matcha that year. It is grown in limited sunlight for three weeks to really allow photosynthesis to occur to make the matcha that amazing green colour.

Our teacher, Michiko, describes the tea ceremony as “Functional Beauty” each member of the ceremony relies on muscle memory to enjoy the tea. There is so many rules if and when you were to attend a true tea ceremony. You are unable to wear any accessories, no rings so that you don’t damage the bowl, no earrings or perfume.

When you first receive the tea, you must thank the person who gave you the tea. Then you have to wait until everyone receives their tea before you can begin. Traditionally the tea is served with a sweet that you are to enjoy before drinking the tea. Today we had sweet rice and red bean paste that is called ‘shimitanko’ (sorry if it is spelt wrong).

When you pick up the bowl, you lift with your right hand and place your left below the bowl. Twist the bowl 45 degrees clockwise and then another 45  degrees clockwise, now you may sip. Once you have finished the tea, you wipe where your lips have touched from left to right, then twist the bowl 45  degrees counter clockwise and another 45 degrees counter clockwise, then you may place the bowl back down on the table.

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