We found ourselves in the South West and decided to check out Primal Grounds, we have visited them in the Ogden Farmers Market before, but this was the first time at their restaurant location. They are located just behind the BMO bank in the parking lot across from Signal Hill Shopping Centre.

The Interior

There is a giant bar on the left side when you enter and on the right there is ten tables that seat four people each. When we got there it was lunch on a Sunday, and we were happy to see it was quite busy. There is a really cool Coffee Sign on the right side of the restaurant, which we really liked because it was in Marquee letters.

The Drinks

I ordered a Salted Caramel Latte for $5.00 and it was nice that had a very subtle flavour of caramel. I was excited that I could really taste the espresso that was used in the drink. After talking with Margret, she told me the roaster was local named Noble Tree.

My wife ordered a Unsweetened Vanilla London Fog for $4.50 and I have to say that she enjoyed the drink with the unsweetened syrup. It was very exciting to see that they used Numi tea for their teas, my wife really enjoys this brand of tea.

My daughter had their YYC Hot Chocolate for $6.00 and it was delicious. To read more about it please click here

The Food

Since it was lunch we decided to try some food, everything we looked at looked amazing so we thought why not. We found that the owner makes all the soups from scratch so that got us very interested in trying some of the soup for sure.

We all ordered Grilled Cheese with a cup of soup for $13.00, we each had a different kind of soup to try. I had a cup of Chicken Ala King and my wife and daughter had the Tomato Basil. Both soups where chunky and had great flavour.

The tomato basil had chunky tomatoes with slivered basil slices. The flavour was amazing even when you dipped your grilled cheese in.

The Chicken Ala King had chunks of chicken and veggies. It was a very hearty and filling soup, which is really nice.

We enjoyed the soup so much, we bought a container of each to take home and eat. The soup is for sale and is a popular item as there was quite a few people coming in and just buying the soup to take home.

As we enjoyed our Grilled Cheese we found that there was something sweet, we guessed that it was apple butter, but when the owner came over she said it is the Molasses Bread that makes it sweet with a little addition of honey to the butter. Who knew? It was so good.

The Service

The service was amazing, the owner came over and talked with us for fifteen minutes and just talked about coffee and the food she serves. It was great to see someone so invested in how their guests feel about the food and service of their establishment.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday: 7AM – 9PM

Sunday: 7AM – 6PM


There is parking right out front and throughout the parking lot.

Last Words

We have already said that we will be back to try some of the other soups that she serves. There was a cooler of ten different flavours of soup, so we have to try some new kinds next time.

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