We decided to head downtown to try a new coffee shop. Look up, look waaaaaaaay up! We are heading to the 21st floor of the Edison Building in Calgary. This shop was opened by MobSquad which is a tech company. When they asked the employees what they wanted to do, most said work in a cafe so they created their own cafe for their employees to work in.

The Interior

This coffee shop is wide open on half of a floor, and there are large windows on one side of the whole shop. You look out at the Northwest side of the city. There is multiple communal tables for large groups to work at, as well as bar tables looking out the windows. There is a table tennis table in the middle of the space, which is just awesome. There is a ton of plug in’s which is awesome if you are working and need some power.

The Drinks

My daughter and I ordered latte’s for $5.00 each. The flavour was very delicious. To my excitement they used 521 Roasters, which is awesome.

My wife ordered the chai for $5.50, and it was really good. We couldn’t figure out what kind of chai they used, but it was good.


The Service

Their employees were very helpful and patient with us while we decided what we wanted to order. There were a bunch of employees from MobSquad in the cafe working as well while we were there.

The Hours

Monday to Friday: 7AM – 6PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed


There is a parking lot a block away and if you go down for a little the parking can be quite cheap, there is some street parking out front but I am unsure of the price.

Last Words

This is a very cool place to have a business meeting, enjoy great coffee and great views. If you find yourself in downtown Calgary, stop in the Edison building and take a ride to the 21st floor.


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