We were unsure where to head for food when we realized that there was a pub in Royal Oak that we have not yet tried, so we headed over. To our surprise it was very busy and we ended up waiting 15 minutes for a table. It doesn’t help that there was a hockey game on as well.

The Interior

There were lots of tables and lots of televisions all around so people could watch which ever sport you would like to watch. There were booths all around the windows with a bar in the middle with seats as well. For a pub it was very light and very busy.

The Food

After reviewing the menu we started with an order of deep fried pickles for $9.00 and there were 12 pieces which was on special. That is awesome because most of the time you only get 4-8 pieces when you order pickles.

I ordered the Fish and Chips for $13.00 and I had the option to choose from five different kinds of fries including thin, steak cut, waffle, yam or poutine. I selected steak cut fries and the fish they use is cod. It was very good. The fish was flaky and didn’t taste like fish at all.

My wife ordered the Bacon and Cheddar Burger with a salad for $15.00. The burger was huge with all the fixings, she was happy to see the meat to bun ratio was great. The bun didn’t fall apart even though the burger was moist and very filling.

My daughter ordered the Taco Salad with beef for $16.00 and lets just say that it is a really big, there was so much food. She wished it was mixed so you got a little of everything in each bite, and was kind of sad that the beef was not spicy like it said it was on the menu.

The Service

The employees were very nice and very helpful. They made sure we sat in a timely manner. We would go back preferably not during a hockey game and see how the service is when it is not as busy.

The Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 10AM – till late

Thursday to Saturday: 10AM – till late

Holidays: 12PM – till late


There is lots of parking out front.

Last Words

We would like to go back and try out some of their specials. The waitress also told us that they make their wings differently than any other place, so that intrigued us.

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