Today we decided to head out to Canmore to check out this new cafe. Their original location is located in Sicamous which is open May to September. This Canmore location is their second and it has only been open for a couple months.

The Interior

It is a very small location with a couple of tables. They have a bunch of merch for sale branded with Blondies. They have a big garage door that is open during the warmer days, and we wished it would have been warmer when we were there.

The Food

They have a great selection of food items from baked goods to sandwiches, so we decided to try some of their sandwiches.

I got the Ham and Swiss Sandwich for $8.50. The dijon was a nice added bonus on this skinny sandwich. It was so good.

My wife got the Harvest Chicken Sandwich for $8.50. It had a nice combination of chicken and apple, it was so amazing.

My daughter got the Bacon Wrap for $7.00. It was a delicious breakfast wrap. It was not soggy or anything, it was so good.

The Drinks

I had a Latte for $4.95 and they use a dark roast espresso which gave it a really strong flavour. It was very good. The espresso they used is called Dirty Blonde.

My wife had a London Fog for $5.15 it was very good. It was not overly sweet, just the way she likes it.

My daughter had a Coconut Latte for $5.15 and it had really good coconut flavour. They added Coconut syrup to a latte, she could have had a latte with coconut milk if she wanted to.

The Service

The employees were very helpful and kind. It was nice to talk to them before it got busy. They answered our questions and helped us name their Sasquatch.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday: 8AM – 5:30PM

Sunday: 8AM – 5PM


There is a small lot in the front of their cafe with a decent amount of parking.

Last Words

When we head out to Vancouver we plan on stopping by the Sicamous location in September. If you want to get away from the city for the day, head to Canmore and go visit Blondies.

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