To start off our Burning Coffee Tour, we stopped in Golden for a caffeinated beverage. There were a couple places we were looking at and then decided on Purcell Coffee located in downtown Golden.

The Interior

When you walk in, there are a couple tables and a giant family style table. In the back there are some shelves with product on them. There is also a roaster in the back of the shop and they roast all their own beans. They sell lots of coffee and tea supplies.

We found it strange that they had a couch with the back to the main door. We personally don’t like sitting with our backs to a door, so we thought this was a little strange.

The Drinks

After reviewing their menu we decided on a couple of drinks.

I ordered a Latte for $4.20 and it was a very light tasting coffee even though they use a medium dark espresso called Midnight D’oro.

My wife got an Iced Chai for $4.52 and we were very pleased to see that they use compostable straws. The flavour of the chai was classic, and it was very good.

My daughter had a Mudslide for $5.67 which is a Mocha with Irish Cream Syrup. It was very good, but the Irish Cream syrup was very light almost non-existing.

The coffee beverages were very hot which was absolutely amazing, we have never had a coffee this hot from an independent coffee shop.

The Service

We found that the service was a little slow, but it looked like there was a new girl being trained. On the other hand we were in no hurry either.

The Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:30AM – 5:30PM

Saturday to Sunday: 8AM – 5PM


There is street angled parking all along the front of the shop.

Last Words

This is a very unique little coffee shop located in downtown Golden, if you are driving through I would stop and try one of their unique beverages.

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