Before leaving Kamloops we decided to visit a coffee shop a friend recommended to us. We drove to old Kamloops and found Moustache and Go.

The Interior

This location is long and skinny with only a couple of tables along the one side. On the opposite side is the coffee bar. The first table when you walk in had a ton of older gentlemen sitting there with moustaches. So I felt like I needed to have a moustache before walking in. As we sat there to enjoy our drinks, it got busier and busier.

There is some really interesting decor including a hand painted mural on one wall and a wood panel design on the other.

The Drinks

After looking over their menu we decided on a couple drinks. I also grabbed myself a Butterscotch Trail Mix cookie for $3 that was absolutely delicious. It had really great flavour.

I ordered a Latte for $4.76 it was really good. They use 1936 Fernwood Espresso from Victoria.

My wife ordered a London Fog for $3.80 and it is not overly sweet which is the way my wife likes it.

My daughter ordered a Strawberry and Cream Rooibos tea for $2.62 and it had an amazing aroma as it was steeping. Once it was ready, it was really delicious.

The Service

The employees were really great and very chill. When we were half done our teas they offered to give us more water to enjoy the tea a little longer.

The Hours

Monday to Sunday: 7:30AM – 5:30PM


There is a bunch of street parking and by their second shop Red Beard mere steps away there is a parking lot.

Last Words

I would like to visit Red Beard cafe as it is affiliated with Moustache and Go. It is even easier because it is literally less than 50 ft apart. It is really cool and I cannot wait to head back through to try this cafe.

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