Our next stop was to meet up with some friends of ours, so we decided to check out a little clothing store that also sells coffee. The clothing store is called Salgado Fenwick and they sell all Canadian made products which was really amazing. However, today we came for the coffee. The name of the café is The Barking Buffalo Café.


The Interior

On the right side of the shop was all of their clothing and products for sale and on the left side was the bar with coffee and small section of baked goods. They had a bunch of tables and space to sit as well as a small patio outside. There was a ton of people there when we arrived, we were lucky to get a seat on the patio.

The interior boosts an industrial vibe with exposed brick on the walls, the chairs at the tables reminded me of my days in school.


The Drinks

As we were socializing with our friends, our daughter ordered us our drinks.

I received a Latte for $5.75 which was delicious and had amazing flavor. The beans of choice were from Pilot Coffee Roasters. They were serving up the Heritage blend. This is one of Pilot’s signature blends. It is a Brazilian blend. Tasting notes of toffee and milk chocolate.

My wife received a London Fog for $4.75 and it had really good flavor and it was not overly sweet which was awesome.

My daughter ordered a Harvest Spices tea for $3.25 which tasted like cinnamon hearts.


The Service

The employees were very nice and very helpful.


The Hours

Monday & Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm



There is a bunch of street parking out front as well as some more on the side street.


Last Words

Altogether, it was great to meet up with our friends at The Barking Buffalo Café, nice and quiet and we could sit and talk without yelling over other people. Sadly, I couldn’t stay longer as I was getting hungry and wanted to go check out a restaurant we have been trying to get to for quite some time now. If you are in the Edmonton area, definitely go check The Barking Buffalo Café out for some excellent coffee.




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