On our way to Medicine Hat we stopped in Brooks at a very friendly and cute coffee shop called The Steaming Cup. It was very busy and everyone waiting in line was very friendly, we were just talking and they all started talking to us. They even suggested that my daughter move to Brooks to teach, since they are so low on substitute teachers there. It was a pretty awesome place.


The Interior

They have some products for sale at the front of the store and then on the right they have a long bar surrounded by tables all around. When we arrived it was already lined up, the owner said it is never like this and she was sorry because she was by herself. We were in no rush.

The Drinks

After asking a couple questions about a few of their drinks we quickly decided what we would like to have.

I ordered an Oat Milk Latte for $5.40 ($0.35 Milk Alternative Charge) and it was good, their roaster of choice is  Mad Hatter Coffee Roasters out of Medicine Hat. Our plan is to visit that shop later in the day.  The espresso was made with a dark roast bean, it was a pretty strong blend.

My wife ordered an Oat Milk London Fog for $5.10 ($0.35 Milk Alternative Charge) and she said it was really good and creamy. They also use Mighty Leaf Tea which is delicious.

My daughter ordered a Pear Caramel Tea for $2.95 and it was really delicious, she said she could really taste the caramel.

The Food

Since it was our first stop and we need a little snack before continuing our trip we got a couple items as well. They are all made in shop and were delicious.

We ordered a Cranberry Almond Hemp Bar for $3.75, a Snickerdoodle Cookie for $2.15, a Compost Cookie for $2.15, and a Biscotti for $2.50. Like I said they were all absolutely amazing.

The Service

The lady was very friendly and was really appreciative, I offered to help carry down some boxes for her and she was very happy. As it slowed a little she talked with us about the potential of my daughter teaching and talked a little about coffee too.


The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



There is parking located out front along the street on both sides. As more and more people came in, the street did fill up so you may have to park a little further away.


Last Words

Next time on our travels in Southern Alberta, we would definitely make a point to stop at The Steaming Cup again. I would suggest if you are in Brooks to do the same.

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