Some towns have all the luck. Some small towns are operating with zero quality shops, it is truly great to find that a small geographic area has one really great coffee shop. Streamers is that shop in Sorrento, BC.


The Interior

The interior is very full with tables with seating for about 20. We had a chance to talk with Debra the owner, she said that she had shut the place down for two weeks because she wanted to start selling the wares of Canadian artisans in her shop. There is numerous shelving units full of their products. She sell products from 37 artisans and 34 are local. We love to see that kind of support.

The outdoor has a patio area that has about five tables. We sat outside as it was so beautiful the day we were there. If you have kids, keep an eye on them because the shop is located by the highway and there is a fence area keeping you away from a ravine behind the shop.

The Drinks

I ordered a medium latte for $5.50. The latte was well balanced and smooth. Their roaster of choice is Shuswap Coffee Roasters.

My wife ordered a small Chai latte for $4.95, as she was apprehensive about it as some of these chai’s she has had lately have not been too good. But not today, the Chai today was very smooth with fantastic flavor. Steamers gets their Chai mix from David Rio out of San Francisco. The mix was so good my wife bought some to take home and has since ordered more, she loves it that much.

The Food

Since we had just finished breakfast I only ordered a BE-bop Grasshopper Mint Biscotti $3.50 to try. I really enjoyed the flavor of chocolate and mint.

All food and their baked goods are made in house.

The Service

All the ladies we talked with were all very friendly. As I mentioned we talked with Debra the owner, she was delightful to talk with and had a ton of energy.

The Hours

 They are open every day from 6am to 6pm.



Since they are located in a small strip mall there is pretty good parking.


Last Words

I really like this place, not just because the drinks were good but the whole environment was excellent and full of energy. People were happy, lots of locals coming and going, which to me is a great sign that it’s a great place to go to. Next time I am passing through Sorrento, BC I will be stopping by and so should you.

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