Waking up before the sun comes rather easy to me but my wife has never been a morning person. There is something (I am not sure what or maybe I do) about starting your day off early and having the whole day to get things done. In this case getting things done meant driving back home. It’s a 2 province road trip and how many coffee shops can we hit on the way home.

Our first stop of the day was in Hope BC called Blue Moose Coffee.


The Interior

From the outside, it doesn’t look too big, but when you walk in, it’s like holy sh@*, look how big this place is!!

The place is nicely decorated and has a lot of cool artwork on the walls.

There is a huge display cased loaded with tasty treats, all homemade. The baked good not only looked amazing but tasted amazing. With the display cases and the coffee bar, this set up had to be 30+ feet long.

Also, in the middle of the shop was group of older retired guys, laughing and enjoying a coffee. Why you ask I would include these guys to the interior section of this review, because I really think these guys are there every day. They seemed to move from their chairs to visiting outside with other older guys. It was rather funny to watch as one guy would I leaving and he would but only made it as far as the curb where he would stand around for another 30 minutes talking with another group.

The Drinks

I ordered a medium latte for $4.35. I could hardly believe the drink I ordered was a medium because the mug was huge and I mean huge or should I say MOOSE size. Their roaster of choice was Ethical Bean.

My wife ordered a medium London Fog Chai latte $3.85 and it was really good.


The Food

As it was early, we ordered their Traditional Breakfast (bacon and eggs). Lots of food and well worth the $11.99.

As I mentioned above, all food and their baked goods are made in house. After we finished breakfast we went back up and spent another $20.00 on their baked good, everything was really good.


The Service

All the ladies were very friendly, happy and helpful.


The Hours

 They are open every day from 7am to 7pm.



They are located on a main road so there is quite a bit of street parking.


Last Words

While we tempted to linger longer, the open road beckoned loudly and after polishing off our drinks, we were back in the truck and on our way. Nonetheless, I shall definitely return to Blue Moose Coffee in Hope the next time we are passing through. Whether you’re in the city limits or passing through, definitely give this place a whirl.

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