Do you like dill pickles? If so you need to check out this new bites and brew location on Edmonton Trail. They serve everything with a dill pickle and everything has pickles in it. Everything from dill pickle soup to a dill pickle flavoured caesar. Just know that this is very Dilish.


The Interior

It is not very big, but it is perfect for this location. There is seven tables and one family style table at the front. The inside is every clean and gorgeous, the herringbone style tiles on the wall is very pleasing to the eye. It is very classic and amazing inside.

The counter is in the middle of the shop and there is a food case with grab and go items as well as a cooler with Wild Tea Kombucha and Five 21 Roasters Cold Brew Coffee.

The Drinks

My daughter and I ordered a Latte for $4.75 and it was made with coffee by Coffee Concepts. The coffee was good but my preference would always be serving coffee from some of the local roasters from Calgary.

My wife ordered a Hot Chocolate for $4.00 and it tasted like something was added that tasted really good. When we asked, they add a half pump of Hazelnut syrup. It was really delicious and such a great addition.

The Food

I ordered a Breakfast Sandwich for $7.00 and it is served on a locally sourced fresh kaiser from Hunterhorn Bakery. On my sandwich there was dill hollandaise, bacon, cheddar cheese, egg, tomato and lettuce. The dill hollandaise really added something extra and it was different than other sandwiches. It was so soft and delicious and the combination of flavours with the food was amazing!

My wife ordered the Welcome to the Club for $11.00 and it is a classic clubhouse which included turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a house made aioli served on fresh Hunterhorn Bakery bread. The ingredients really tasted fresh. It was so delicious.

My daughter ordered the Dilight Bowl for $6.00 and it had everything inside. All the textures of egg, ham, veggies, and the dill hollandaise. It was delicious. She also ordered a cup of the Dill Pickle Soup for $4.00 and said it was delicious, there was such a balance of the dill flavour and it was not overwhelming at all. She said she wished it was even a little more dill pickley.

The Service

Everyone was very friendly and amazing to talk to. At one point the owner, Sarah, came and sat with us and asked if there was anything they could change or adjust. We suggested that she enters in YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and make a Dill Pickle Hot Chocolate. I think that would be amazing. She was very friendly and asked us if we had any other suggestions to email or pop back in.

The Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 7am – 4pm

Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 8pm

Sunday: 10am – 4pm



There is street parking and a couple spots out back. Just know if you want to park in the back it is quite tight, for our F150 it was very tight.


Last Words

Go visit! The pickles are amazing, the staff are amazing, everything is amazing! I cannot wait to see what Sarah and her team come up with next.

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