Our second and last stop in Medicine Hat was Mad Hatter Coffee. From the name we expected something totally different before we walked in, we imagined whimsical decor and boy were we surprised when we walked in.

The Interior

When we walked in it was very dark, almost ‘dingy’, the colour scheme was very very dark. It was almost unwelcoming. The roaster was located in the middle of the cafe and there was a little gate that we didn’t think we could enter through, but to our surprise you could to get to sit on the other side of the roaster.

They had a wall of different coffee beans that were all for sale. There was at least 20 different kinds, it shows that there is truly a coffee for everyone.

The Drinks

I ordered a Latte for $4.75 and it was made with their 3 bean blend. It was very light and didn’t really have any flavour. It really just tasted like hot milk, so it was sad. What’s crazy is that I had the same beans in Brooks at The Steaming Cup and the coffee was much better there. 

My wife ordered a Earl Grey Tea for $3.50 and it was good. It is a local company in Edmonton called Tea Girl.

My daughter also ordered a tea called Coconut White Tea for $3.50 and it was good. You could really taste the coconut flavour.

The Service

The girl at the front was really nice and answered our questions that we had. I had asked what beans were in the 3 bean blend and the girl had started to tell me and then the roaster jumped in and said to be quiet and that their blend was a company secret. It wasn’t said nicely, it was said with force and it was not needed. We felt sorry for the girl. We also had explained that we were a blogger and that we wouldn’t share what the blend was.

This was the first time we have come across a roaster that was not willing to share what the blend was, every other roaster we know is always excited to tell us their blends. Mostly because even if they use the same beans as another, they will never taste the same as each other.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 5:30PM

Saturday – 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Sunday – Closed


There was only street parking available. As a bonus it is free.

Last Words

I cannot see us going back to the cafe in the future. After the experience with the roaster and lack of flavour the coffee had, there is no reason to head back.

We did hear that there are new owners and we wish them the best, but like I said we will most likely not be heading back.

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