Our first coffee shop was a little but very busy cafe. The location was just off the main street and had a nice patio out front, unfortunately there was not many people on the patio since it was a little chilly.

The Interior

There was a bunch of tables located inside and they were all full. Everyone was chatting and enjoying a beverage and a treat.

There is a huge display case with tons of baked goods and they all looked amazing. They also had a couple shelves located at the back with items for sale including Fratello and Medicine Hat Coffee Roasters Coffee.

The Drinks

I ordered a Latte for $4.75 and it was made with Fratello Godfather which was kind of sad because I didn’t need to drive the 260km to have the coffee I could get in Calgary. It still was good, but was slightly disappointing because of the brand of coffee.

My wife ordered a Strawberry Lemonade for $4.20 and it had a really great strawberry flavour.

My daughter ordered a Peach Creamsicle for $4.20 and she said she could really taste the peach but was not creamy or anything.

We also decided to participate in the Pour It Forward by purchasing a Latte for someone who just needs a coffee. Such a great program.

The Food

We also decided to get a couple treats to try since everything in their case looked amazing.

We ordered a Salted Caramel Pecan bar for $5.25 and it was good and gooey. The flavour was well balanced and we absolutely loved the giant pecans on top.

My daughter ordered a Birthday Cake Oreo Cheesecake for $6.50 and it had good flavour but the whip consistency was off. There was no flavour at all in the whip and the cheesecake was really good though.

The Service

We noticed that the staff didn’t really enjoy working there and didn’t show any excitement when we were talking about the coffee or the items. We did notice that they perked up when they knew someone in the line, which I don’t think is appropriate. They should show everyone the same service.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 5:00PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Sunday – 9:00AM – 4:00PM


There was street parking all on the street on both sides of the road.

Last Words

Even though the staff didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves, the place was quite busy and they were dealing with everyone. I would go back here as everything overall was really good.

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