Before heading on to Nelson we decided to stop and get some breakfast at Big Bang Bagels. The have been feeding hungry people for 10 years now. They have so many kinds of bagels available in both white and whole wheat.


The Interior

There is eight tables inside and a small patio with four tables outside. They have a bunch of artwork on the walls which was really cool.

On the left side there is a bar with all your coffee essentials and then the counter where you order and along the back is where they make all the bagels.


The Drinks

I ordered a Latte for $4.29 and was made with Cuppers Coffee from Lethbridge. It was good and went really well with my bagel.

We noticed that you cannot grab and go the drinks unless you have a to-go mug. Don’t fret, they have a Rent a Mug program were you rent a mug for $8 and when you return the mug you get back $7.25. We thought that was such a cool program to have.

The Food

We got there when they just opened so everything was very, very fresh and when I say fresh, everything is made in house fresh every day.

Both my wife and I ordered a plain multigrain bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese for $3.90. The bagel is very light yet filling and the strawberry cream cheese was smooth and creamy with real chunks of strawberries. The bagel was still warm from coming out of the oven.

My daughter ordered a Big Banger with bacon on a whole wheat multigrain for $7.30. It was delicious with lots bacon.


They also have this bagel challenge called Da Bomb.

It is one pound of dough, it’s the equivalent of 4, yes FOUR Mr. Fernie’s with Ham and Bacon, Da Bomb is an eating challenge like no other, is what they say. There were some pictures on the wall showing the current record holder. It is insane how big this thing is. Maybe next time. I don’t think so.



The Service

Since we got there right when they opened everyone was really nice and friendly. Maybe not quite wide awake but super pleasant to deal with.

The Hours

Monday to Sunday – 7:00AM – 5:00PM



Since it is on Main Street there is a bunch of parking on either side of the road. Since we got there when they opened the streets were bare so we had no problem finding parking.


Last Words

We really enjoyed these bagels so much that we have decided on our way back we are going to stop here and buy some bagels to take home with us. Definitely stop here and have an amazing bagel or even try and take on the Da Bomb Bagel Challenge. I dare you!

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