If you are wanting to try some new ice cream flavours and up for a three hour drive to Fernie, make sure you head over to Happy Cow. They are located on the main street just before you leave Fernie to head to Nelson. This place had some really amazing flavours that I cannot wait to head back and try in the future.


The Interior

When you first walk in to the left is their little delivery cart that I would guess they use in the summer. To the right is a freezer with pints for purchase, they have roughly five scoops per pint and they are $9.25. They also offer bigger pints as well, the litre is $16.40 and the two litre is $30.

Behind the counter they have reusable bags for purchase as well as stickers and buttons if you want to show your Happy Cow pride.

The only thing is they need more seating as it is very limited.


The Ice Cream

They had so many choices to choose from, it was very hard to decide. They also have ice cream sandwiches, homemade waffle cones, sorbet, and ice cream cakes. All ingredients are sourced locally. Very cool.

I ordered two scoops, one of Disco Dan (lemon ice cream with Nanga Blueberry and Raspberry Ripples) and a scoop of Cowboy Coffee (Rooftop Coffee Roasters infused ice cream). The two flavours were delicious, just don’t mix the flavours together (it got a little weird tasting), and I was so pleased that I got to try these two amazing flavours.

My daughter ordered a scoop of Honeycomb (made with Fernie honey and homemade sponge toffee) in a waffle cone. It was absolutely amazing, the flavour of the honey was so good, it was the right amount of sweetness. The honeycomb sponge toffee was so good that my daughter had to buy some for the trip to take home.


The Service

The woman working the night we visited was very nice and friendly. She answered all our questions about each of the flavours. We asked to sample a couple and she didn’t even hesitate to let us sample as many as we wanted. My daughter said she could have sampled all of them and had a scoop of each they were all so good.


The Hours

Monday to Thursday – 12:00PM – 9:00PM

Friday to Sunday – 11:00PM – 9:00PM



There is a small lot in front of the ice cream shop that has some spots where you can park.


Last Words

I would definitely make a three hour drive to go and get more ice cream from this local independent ice cream shop.

We enjoyed the ice cream so much that on our way back through we stopped again for more.

Plus I just love the name, Happy Cow! It also makes me a Happy Coffee Freak!

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