For dinner we decided to try this really cool location called The Brick House Bar and Grill, it was located on a corner in downtown Fernie, and it was an old brick building that was gorgeous. It is located in the old Imperial Bank of 1909 which was really amazing.


The Interior

Each wall is either wood or exposed brick which is very beautiful and there is roughly ten tables with a bar top around the bar. The kitchen is open so you can watch them make your food as you wait. It was also very busy when we arrived and stayed busy while we enjoyed our food.


The Food

I ordered the Brie Burger for $19.00 and it was really good. The beef was well seasoned and the brie was perfectly melted. The burger was very light tasting. The Brie burger obviously has brie cheese on it, it also had thick cut maple glazed bacon, arugula and a house made chipotle aioli. My meal was outstanding.

My wife ordered the Buck Naked Burger for $16.00 and it was delicious. The burger was perfect, the bun to beef ratio was correct. This burger had similar items on it minus the bacon.

My daughter ordered the Matty’s Crunchy Chicken for $18.00 and it was delicious, the chicken was perfectly cooked. It too came with similar items on it as well.

On a side note the fries were fresh cut and were absolutely amazing. Next time we said we would order just fries because they were so delicious. I really love to see restaurants serving fresh cut fries. Frozen fries should be banned.


The Service

The staff were very friendly and they were playing really good music. We asked how long they were in this location and they said 12 years, it was amazing. Best was to describe this restaurant is old feel, new twist.


The Hours 

Monday to Sunday – 11:30-AM – Till Close



There was a bunch of street parking all along the street.


Last Words

Overall, I give this place a 10 out of 10. Excellent food, excellent environment, and excellent service. If we are back in Fernie we would definitely eat here again.

After we had posted on Instagram that we visited The Brick House, a colleague of my daughters said he helped design this restaurant. It was really cool to see something he had worked on.

Stop by and check this place out, you won’t be disappointed.

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