Having not set foot in Victoria, BC for quite some time now, it puts a smile on my face to see good things progressing with their coffee scene. There are some new coffeehouses popping up and when I do finally make it out there, my list will be huge of places to check out.

Then there is the Victoria coffee roasters that just keep on kicking out great coffee beans. One such roaster that is doing really great things is Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters.

I got the coffee in the mail a while ago and have now had some time to sit down and finally write my review. I had been talking with a friend who is a local roaster about Eleven Speed and we both had heard great things of this coffee before even cracking into the bags.

Taking it to task, I sampled the coffee via pour over, drip and as an espresso based drink.


The Beans

Podium – Espresso Roast

Our signature espresso roast – A pleasing blend of washed and natural Central & Southern American beans with a hit of Central African

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut

This is Eleven Speed’s signature espresso roast and I can see why. I pulled the shot a bit short with a nice brown crema, this espresso blended is so nice with the milk. It had some nice chocolatey flavors with a little bit of nut flavor in there. The flavors were infused nicely in this blend.


Guatemala – Erick Pineda

Our first release of a special purchase from the small community of Mataquescuintla in Gautemala

Tasting notes: Brown sugar, tangerine, spice

The pourover produced a coffee that was quite sweet with bright notes of citrus, proving clean, sweet and delicious. This coffee when it cooled down produced some nice flavors as well. The coffee had a terrific aroma and not just that the smell of coffee which is terrific all the time, this one you could smell the sweetness in it. So good

I brought this coffee to work and made it as a drip. Our staff loved this one. So much so I had to make more the same day.

Out of all of these coffees, this was my favorite.


Ethiopia – Guji / Uraga

Not much needs to be said here – this is one fine roast!

Tasting Notes: Lemon, Jasmine tea, sage

The pour-over produced some lighter flavor notes. This coffee came across as a more earthy coffee. I also tried this one up in an espresso drink, it blended well with the steamed milk and made for a very well balanced drink. The espresso gave the drink a nice kick.

The next day we tried this same blend as a drip. Again, what I did on this day was have a few of our coffee connoisseurs at work give it a go. We found this coffee sweeter than the other. But overall the Guatemalan was a bigger hit at work.



Overall, I really enjoyed the beans that Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters sent to me. I literally went through these super quick. They did and do some excellent work bringing out all the flavors in these beans. Check out their website to order a bag or if you happen to be in Victoria BC, swing by and pick some up. Also, check them out on Instagram.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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