While wandering along Main Street in Nelson we came across a place called Rel-ish and decided to have lunch. After reviewing the menu posted outside we decided this was the place. Plus there was a nice patio along the side of the building.


The Interior

We didn’t venture inside, but my daughter did take a couple photos. There were tables that lined the windows and the bar was located in the center as well as the kitchen. You would be able to watch your food be made.

The patio was two-tiered and it was located under a giant acorn tree. It was really cool because we were sitting there and an acorn dropped on our table. We then realized we would have to be ready because we may be hit with a small acorn.


The Food

I ordered the Boss Man Burger for $24.00 and it was hard to eat, but absolutely delicious. The patty fell apart which could be because there was two and a half patties on this burger. The bacon jam was amazing and the addition of the fresh veggies was delicious.

My wife ordered the Chicken Caesar Wrap for $15.00 and it was delicious. She opted for the crunchy chicken and she said that it was a nice contrast of the soft salad and crunchy chicken. The wrap had good flavour and it was very filling, she said that if they had a half wrap option that would be the best. The full wrap with the fresh fries was a lot of food.

My daughter ordered the Chicken Peanut Lime Udon for $16.00 and it was delicious. She said it was a little spicier than she thought, but that was really good. She said she would order with rice next time and that it had really good flavour. She also said that it was really filling and she could only eat half of the order.


The Service

The staff was very friendly and took our order quite quick. Unfortunately our food took a while to come to us, we thought it would have been quicker since it was not as busy as it could have been. Other than that it was a good experience.


The Hours

Summer Hours – June 1 to August 31

Sunday to Thursday – 8:00AM – 10:00PM

Friday to Saturday – 8:00AM – 11:00PM


Winter Hours – September 1 to May 31

Sunday to Thursday – 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday to Saturday – 9:00AM – 11:00PM



There was parking all along Main Street and along the side streets, just be cautious because the time limit is two hours. Also, the day we were there, the town had a street market going on so that played with the amount of parking as well.


Last Words

We would like to come back and try another meal on the menu, since they have so many option I think next time we are in Nelson we would definitely stop here again.

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