One coffee shop that we really wanted to stop at was Empire Coffee because they use Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland Oregon. We had driven past this location a couple times earlier in the day and didn’t even realized until we decided to have a coffee.


The Interior

You walk in a set of double doors and the bar is directly ahead, to the right there is a bunch of tables and then a little further right there is an outdoor patio that is all enclosed with big windows and a huge garage door. At the front there is another set of double doors that people can enter through as well. We decided to sit in the outdoor area because it was really nice outside.

While we were sitting there enjoying our snack and beverage there were pigeons hanging out, unfortunately you cannot feed them, why you ask, because there is a street sign right in front of the patio telling you not to or you will be killed (sorry meant to say fined). We noticed that instead of the pigeons flying up the stairs they were polite and they hopped up the stairs. We thought it was funny. These birds aren’t scared of too much, I tried to startle them and they look at you like “what are you doing”.


The Drinks

My daughter and I ordered Latte’s for $4.04 and it was made with Stumptown’s Hair Bender which is one of my favorite espressos and it was absolutely delicious.

My wife ordered an Iced Chai for $3.75 and it was refreshing, but it was sad because they made the chai using a concentrate. My wife is on the hunt for a chai that is homemade.


The Food

I ordered a Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffin for $3.25 and there was a giant hard chunk of cream cheese in the middle, but it had really good flavour. I ended up cutting it in half and then using a knife to spread the cream cheese on each piece.

My wife ordered a Lemon Cheesecake for $4.50 and it was an unbaked smooth cheesecake with major lemon flavour. It was absolutely delicious.

My daughter ordered a Nanaimo Bar for $4.25 and it was huge. The flavour was delicious. It was so big that she couldn’t finish the bar.

Overall, they have a really good selection of munchies and treats.


The Service

The staff was friendly and made our drinks quickly which was nice. The people who were at the shop were very friendly as well.


The Hours

Open daily from 6:00AM – 6:00PM



There was street parking and you had to pay a meter to park there, you do have a time limit of two hours.


Last Words

On our next trip through Nelson we would definitely stop here again and indulge in another treat and amazing Stumptown Coffee.

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